How to Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety?

November 10,2021

Males may often experience stress because of the constant mental pressure of doing well in bed. This can lead to performance anxiety and ruin their experiences as well as their partners’. Performance anxiety with a new partner is a commonly reported problem. And if it persists, it can ruin relationships, lower your confidence, and also have an impact on your wellbeing. But fortunately, it can be treated.

Let’s understand what causes performance anxiety, what effects it can have, and how it can be fixed.

What is sexual performance anxiety?

When a person is stressed or experiences anxiety during sex thinking about their partner’s expectations, they can feel pressured to perform well. This can result in performance anxiety or sexual anxiety. And though it is often temporary, performance anxiety in men can lead to other serious problems, such as erectile dysfunction.

What is the link between erectile dysfunction and anxiety?

Our brain stimulates the sense of excitement when we engage in sexual activity. But when it is experiencing stress and anxiety, the desired sense of excitement isn’t achieved. This often results in problems like erectile dysfunction and difficulty ejaculating.

Moreover, when men experience erectile dysfunction, i.e., failing to have or maintain an erection, because of sexual performance anxiety, it can make them conscious thinking that it would happen. This further triggers sexual anxiety and leads to erectile dysfunction yet again.

Causes of Sexual Performance Anxiety

Negative thoughts, whether in daily life or related to sexual performance, distract people from enjoyment and lead to sexual anxiety. Here are its main causes:

  • Body image issues, including weight
  • Penis size
  • Low confidence
  • Unsatisfactory sexual experiences in the past
  • Fear of not being able to satisfy the partner
  • Fear of rejection
  • Problems in the relationship
  • Alcohol, smoking, and illegal drugs
  • Recovery from illness
  • Ageing

Premature ejaculation, which means ejaculating quickly, also lowers confidence and can lead to male performance anxiety.

How to overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety?

There are different ways of dealing with sexual anxiety to enable you to enjoy sex and satisfy your partner. And if you feel that a particular treatment method isn’t right for you, you can switch to another treatment method.

Here are some of the most effective cures to sexual anxiety:

1. Take Medication

If you’re losing erection due to performance anxiety, you can opt for a range of treatments. However, you must first consult your doctor to make sure that the erectile dysfunction isn’t because of an underlying condition.

At MedsNow, we usually prescribe Emla cream and Prigliy for erectile dysfunction anxiety and premature ejaculation. And though you can place your order directly on the website, we recommend patients talk to MedsNow specialists so that the treatment is just right based on the exact problem they may be experiencing.

2. Seek Therapy

Sexual performance anxiety therapy is super helpful when the cause of sexual anxiety is depression or other psychological concerns. It allows patients to talk about their problems to a medical professional who then helps them resolve issues causing anxiety.

Therapists give patients expert guidance on changing their perceptions of body and sex, dealing with stress, managing performance pressure, and altering behavioural patterns that may be contributing to performance anxiety symptoms. You can also consider therapy for couples so that you and your partner can manage issues together.

3. Exercise

Exercising is a very effective method for getting over sexual performance anxiety. This is because when we exercise, the body releases endorphins, a type of hormone that increases the feeling of positivity and happiness. It also improves our general health as well as mental wellbeing, which works wonders in lowering stress levels.

Make sure to include pelvic floor exercises in your workout routine since they strengthen muscles that are necessary for great sexual performance. Begin with locating your pelvic floor muscles and squeezing them 10 to 15 times in a go. With every passing week, you can increase the number of squeezes and also hold each squeeze. This exercise is great for strengthening the pelvic muscles in both men and women.

4. Be Open With Your Partner

Talking to your partner about problems that may be bothering you can help in taking pressure off. Moreover, open communication improves compatibility between couples and gives you an opportunity to discuss creative approaches to sex to elevate the experience of both you and your partner.

5. Be Creative

Often, the mundane routine in bed can make it difficult to experience the excitement required to have and maintain an erection. So, be creative to reignite the spark. You can try to role-play activities great for both you and your partner. You can also try removing any mental blockage through guided imagery – a technique that involves visualising an intimate session with your partner and focusing on successfully overcoming performance issues.

Performance mindset can cause anxiety before sex and lead many men to become too worried, self-conscious, and self-critical. Moreover, something as common as premature ejaculation due to being too tired can lead to performance anxiety and often erectile dysfunction. What’s important is to know that these problems are reversible and only temporary if you’re willing to address the root cause.

Do not let performance anxiety get the better of you. Contact MedsNow today for safe and effective treatment