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Skinoren Cream (Azelaic Acid)

Skinoren is a skin cream to treat acne. It contains an active ingredient, Azelaic acid (20%), which is a very effective anti-inflammatory and anti-infective agent. Azelaic acid prevents the accumulation of dead skin cells and clogging of your skin pores, which are the two basic reasons for the formation of skin acne.
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Skinoren Cream (Azelaic Acid)

Skinoren is a skin cream to treat acne. It contains an active ingredient, Azelaic acid (20%), which is a very effective anti-inflammatory and anti-infective agent. Azelaic acid prevents the accumulation of dead skin cells and clogging of your skin pores, which are the two basic reasons for the formation of skin acne.


Skinoren cream is an effective medicine for the treatment of acne that contains the active medicine Azelaic acid, 20%. Therefore, it is also called Skinoren 20 cream. Your skin doctor will give you prescription. Yomay buy Skinoren from an online pharmacy.

Skinoren is an acne cream that reduces the redness and swelling associated with acne. Acne is a common skin problem among teenagers. When tiny holes on your face skin get blocked, it causes inflammation and infection by the acne-causing bacteria. Skinoren being an anti-infective and anti-inflammatory helps to reduce acne.

Skinoren is highly effective in reducing acne-associated redness, pain, and inflammation. The topical application of Skinoren starts exhibiting positive results within a month of its usage, depending on compliance and consistency in its usage. Skinoren acne cream is very gentle on the skin and does not cause irritationUnlike other acne medicines, Skinoren cream won’t make your skin sensitive to light.

Skinoren contains Azelaic acid. This functional medicine kills the bacteria called Propionibacterium acne. When tiny pores on your skin get blocked by dead skin, skin secretions (sebum) cannot come out. It makes the environment favourable for the growth of bacteria that causes swelling and pus. Azelaic acid breaks down the dead skin and also kills the acne-causing bacteria.

Apply Skinoren acne cream on the affected part of your face and neck. Massage it gently till the cream gets absorbed into the skin. Use the cream, twice a day, morning and evening. If your skin is delicate and sensitive, your skin doctor will advise you to use it once a day. You will notice an improvement in your skin within a month’s treatment.

  1. Do not use Skinoren, if you are allergic to any ingredient of the cream.
  2. Do not use Skinorenif you are below the age of 12.
  3. Do not use Skinoren, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding woman, consult your doctor before using the Skinoren acne cream.

There are no side effects reported. Skinoren contains Azelaic acid which is natural ingredient found in wheat and barley. So, it is very safe for use, even if you have gluten sensitivity. Although in some rare cases, you may experience mild dryness or itching of the skin.

  1. Do not use Skinoren acne cream if you are allergic to any ingredient of the cream.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly after using Skinoren.
  3. Avoid contact with cream with eyes. Skinoren is meant for external usage only.

There are no reported incompatibilities of Azelaic acid with other drugs used for skin treatment. However, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about any concomitant usage of other medicine.

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  1. How long does skinoren take to work?

    Skinroen is a perfect skin cream for acne. It would help if you use it consistently for at least a month to see the effects. However, if your acne problem is very severe, your skin doctor will advise you to use it for few more days.
  2. Can skinoren cause acne?

    No, Skinoren cream does not cause acne.
  3. Is skinoren supposed to burn?

    No. Skinoren is safe for the skin. It does not cause any burning or side effects. Some patients might feel slight dryness and itching which can be easily managed with the topical application of moisturizers. Also, continuous use of Skinoren reduces skin irritation.
  4. Can I put moisturizer on top of azelaic acid?

    Yes. You can use a moisturizer after the application of Skinoren 20 Azelaic acid if required.
  5. Will azelaic acid lighten skin?

    Azelaic acid does not lighten the colour of your skin. Research shows that azelaic acid slows down the process of melanogenesis (Hyperpigmentation). Thus, it helps to reduce the pigmentation and even out the tone of your skin but does not lighten the skin colour permanently.
  6. Can you use skinoren when pregnant?

    There is limited information available on the use of azelaic acid during pregnancy. It is always good to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or think you may be pregnant or are planning to have a baby.
  7. Do you wash off azelaic acid?

    You need to apply the Skinoren Azelaic acid cream to the affected area of the face and neck. Massage it gently till it gets absorbed. There is no need to wash-off azelaic acid cream from your face or neck. However, it is suggested that you wash your hand thoroughly after the application of Skinoren cream.
  8. Can you use azelaic acid and vitamin C together?

    Yes, you can use Azelaic acid with Vitamin C. However, when used together, it is better to use Azelaic acid at night and vitamin C in the morning skincare routine.
  9. Is azelaic acid meant to sting?

    Azelaic acid is a safe, natural ingredient. It does not make your skin sensitive. However, you may experience little dryness or stinging.
  10. Is azelaic acid safe for long-term use?

    Yes. It is safe to use azelaic acid in the long term. It depends on how severe is your acne. Within a month of regular use, you will see improvement in your skin. It would be best if you continue using Skinoren skin cream for a few more months. Please do not use it for more than a year.
  11. Can I use azelaic acid under the eyes?

    Consult your doctor, if you have acne under the eyes. Under the eyes, the skin is delicate, and Skinoren ingredients may cause mild irritation. Avoid contact with cream with eyes and mucus membranes.

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