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Zineryt Lotion

With the active ingredients Zinc and Erythromycin, Zineryt Lotion treats a variety of acne-related conditions. Both substances work together to fight bacteria while also healing the skins scars. With regular usage the lotion can clear up acne in 10-12 weeks.
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Zineryt Lotion

With the active ingredients Zinc and Erythromycin, Zineryt Lotion treats a variety of acne-related conditions. Both substances work together to fight bacteria while also healing the skins scars. With regular usage the lotion can clear up acne in 10-12 weeks.


Zineryt lotion is a topical anti-acne solution that is recommended for the treatment of acne in adults. The Zineryt solution contains two active ingredients, namely zinc and erythromycin. Erythromycin is an antibacterial ingredient that eliminates acne-causing bacteria on the skin while Zinc is a healing agent that helps in reducing inflammation, redness, and irritation of the skin.

Zineryt Topical Solution is used for the treatment of acne, also known as acne vulgaris. Zineryt contains zinc and erythromycin which helps in treating moderate acne. This is a topical lotion that helps in eliminating the bacteria that frequently cause a breakout of acne on the skin. This lotion is an effective remedy for clearing up acne in 8-12 weeks by removing the root cause of acne.

The main Zineryt ingredients are Zinc and Erythromycin that make Zineryt Lotion a highly effective medication for acne. Erythromycin is a macrolide antibiotic that clears the acne infection caused by the bacteria and Zinc helps in healing the skin by reducing inflammation and redness. Together, both the ingredients of Zineryt Lotion clear acne and restore the natural smoothness of the skin.

Zineryt is an effective medication for the treatment of acne in adults. There are various benefits of using Zineryt Lotion. Some of them are listed below:

  • Zineryt Lotion is a topical ‘rub-on’ medication making it easy to use and suitable for almost everyone above the age of 12 years.

  • Zineryt is a topical lotion that comes with a special applicator that may make it more convenient compared to oral antibiotics and other medications.

  • The medication offers a solution for acne vulgaris by eliminating the root cause of the ailment.

  • Zineryt Topical Solution clears your skin of acne to restore natural smoothness and good health to your skin. This helps in making you feel happy and confident about your skin’s appearance.

Zineryt is a prescription-only medicine that should not be taken without a medical consultation. Our team will be able to tell you the right dosage you need to apply according to your skin condition and the severity of your acne.

Zineryt Lotion is composed of 40mg Erythromycin and 12mg Zinc per 1ml of solution. Follow the directions for use as given in the patient information leaflet and apply twice every day on the affected area of your skin.

Zineryt Lotion is a prescription-only medication and should be used as directed by your prescription. Also, make sure to read the patient information leaflet given in the pack. Here are some steps to follow when using Zineryt Lotion:

  1. Zineryt Lotion comes in the form of a white crystalline powder and a clear, colourless liquid for the cutaneous solution. Both these ingredients need to be mixed before use.

  1. The Zineryt pack also contains a special applicator cap, you will need to fit this cap onto the bottle after mixing the solution.

  1. Wash the affected area of the skin with a mild cleanser and warm water.

  1. Gently dry the area by patting it dry with a soft towel or cloth. Ensure that your skin is completely dry before applying the medication.

  1. Apply a small amount of Zineryt Lotion to your skin in a thin layer. Make sure to cover the affected area completely, avoid getting the lotion on healthy parts of the skin.

  1. Do not apply Zineryt Lotion to damaged or ruptured parts of the skin.

  1. Wash your hands after applying Zineryt Lotion.

  1. This medication is for topical or external use only. Do not ingest.

  1. If you get Zineryt Lotion in your

Here are some important facts that you should know before using Zineryt Lotion: 

  • Zineryt is a prescription-only medicine that cannot be bought over-the-counter.

  • Zineryt Lotion comprises of an erythromycin-zinc complex that contains the equivalent of 40mg per ml erythromycin and 12mg per ml zinc acetate Dihydrate.

  • Zineryt Lotion is safe for use on your face, back and chest.

  • The medicine comes in the form of a powder and solvent liquid that need to be mixed before use.

  • After the reconstitution, the medicine is safe for use for 8 weeks. Do not use the medicine after that.

  • Zineryt Lotion is safe for use by children (above 12 years of age), pregnant women, breastfeeding women and adults.

  • It is advisable to apply Zineryt Acne Lotion twice a day on the affected area of the skin.

Although Zineryt is a safe and effective medication for the treatment of acne in adults, it is not suitable for everyone. Do not use Zineryt Lotion if you: 

  • Are allergic to macrolide antibiotics such as erythromycin 

  • Are allergic to any of the other ingredients in this medication 

  • Have not been prescribed Zineryt Lotion for your personal use 

  • Are using any medication that may interact with Zineryt to cause other problems.

Generally, Zineryt Lotion is well tolerated and rarely causes any side effects. However, each medication affects each person differently and so, a few Zineryt Side Effects have also been observed. Just because a side effect is listed here does not mean that it will be experienced by everyone using Zineryt Lotion. Here are some side effects associated with Zineryt Lotion:

  • Temporary stinging sensation or irritation in the area of application. Usually occurs at the beginning of the course and eases off with consistent use.
  • Dryness on the area of application.

If you get Zineryt Lotion in your eyes, nose, or mouth by mistakewash it off thoroughly with warm water. If you experience any irritation in the eyes, nose, or mouth as a result of the medication, consult a doctor immediately.

Always consult your pharmacist before using any other medicines with Zineryt Lotion. Even if you need to take over-the-counter medicine for an unrelated issue, while using Zinerytdo so only if your pharmacist says it’s okay.

If you wish to take additional oral or topical antibiotic medication for acne while using Zineryt, consult our team beforehand. Certain topical medicines such as Differin or Epiduo may be safely used alongside Zineryt. However, other oral or topical antibiotics such as tetracycline, minocycline or erythromycin tablets are not safe to use together with Zineryt Acne Lotion.

You can buy Zineryt Solution online in the UK from MedsNow, an online pharmacyAs this is a prescription medicine, kindly consult our online doctor to get the right prescription. The medicine is delivered safely to your doorstep.

After the reconstitution, store Zineryt Lotion at a temperature lower than 25°C. Before mixing the solution, medicine can be stored for as long as 2 years. After mixing, the medicine should be used within 8 weeks or less.

  1. Can I Buy Zineryt Over the Counter?

    No. Zineryt Lotion is a prescription medication and cannot be purchased over the counter. 
  1. How Long Will it Take Zineryt to Work?

    It could take up to eight to twelve weeks for Zineryt to improve your skin condition and show visible results. Acne is slow to respond to antibiotic treatment. If you don’t see any change in your acne problem within 8 weeks of consistent use, you should stop using Zineryt and consult with us for further advice.
  1. How Often Should I Use Zineryt?

    It is recommended that you should use Zineryt twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. 
  1. Can I Use Makeup with Zineryt?

    If you wish to apply make-up when using Zineryt, apply Zineryt first and wait for it to dry off. After the medication has been completely absorbed by your skin, you may apply makeup. Make sure to avoid any cosmetics or makeup with high alcohol content or products that can be harsh on the skin such as medicated soaps, abrasive cleansers, or scrubs.
  1. What if I Forget to Use Zineryt?

    If you forget to use Zineryt, then apply the next dose at the regular time as usual. If you remember when you still have four to five hours to go before the next dose, then apply the medication immediately. Remember to keep at least a three-hour gap between your doses. Do not apply an extra quantity of the medication to compensate for the missed dose. Forgetting to apply one or two doses in your eight-week course will not have a long-term effect.
  1. How Long Does Zineryt Last?

    This really depends on the size of the area your acne is over as this will dictate how much Zineryt you need to apply. One pack of Zineryt is good to use for eight weeks after the reconstitution. 
  1. Does Zineryt Work?

    If we have recommended you to use Zineryt Lotion, then it is likely the best medication to treat your acne. Zineryt is an effective medication that treats acne by eliminating acne-causing bacteria. 
  1. Can You Use Zineryt When Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

    Yes. Zineryt is a safe medication for use when pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding. Although, if you are breastfeeding then it is advisable not to use the medication on your chest and also to be careful that the medication does not come in contact with the infant’s skin. 
  1. Can I Use Zineryt with Other Medication?

    Zineryt lotion is safe to use with a few other acne medicines such as Differin Gel or Epiduo Gel. You can also use any other topical medication containing benzoyl peroxide alongside Zineryt Lotion. However, it is not advisable to use other topical or oral antibiotics such as Tetralysal (tetracycline) or minocycline medications for your acne when using Zineryt Solution 
  1. Do You Need a Prescription for Zineryt?

    Yes. Zineryt is a prescription medication and cannot be bought over the counter. You need to have a consultation to get a prescription to buy Zineryt.

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