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Kelhale Inhaler

The active substance in Kelhale, beclometasone dipropionate, belongs to a group of medicines known as corticosteroids which essentially function to reduce Asthmatic symptoms. Patients suffering from even mild symptoms of Asthma can use Kelhale daily to reduce the chances of breathlessness.
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Kelhale Inhaler

The active substance in Kelhale, beclometasone dipropionate, belongs to a group of medicines known as corticosteroids which essentially function to reduce Asthmatic symptoms. Patients suffering from even mild symptoms of Asthma can use Kelhale daily to reduce the chances of breathlessness.


Kelhale inhaler is a metered-dose inhaler prescribed for treating symptoms of mild to severe asthma and breathing disorders. Kelhale inhaler contains medicine, Beclometasone dipropionate, which is a corticosteroid. Kelhale inhaler contains Beclomethasone in an extra-fine powder form; thus, patients can avail higher efficacy in lower doses of the medicine.

In asthma, inflammation in the airways results in difficulty in breathing. Kelhale inhaler contains Beclomethasone, a corticosteroid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, inhibiting inflammation-inducing factors. This reduces the inflammation and associated difficulty in breathing.  Kelhale is a preventive inhaler and will not be effective to provide immediate relief in case of breathlessness. 

Kelhale inhaler is available in two strengths-

  • 50 µg of Beclamethasone per delivered dose
  • 100µg of Beclamethasone per delivered dose

The dose and dosing frequency will depend upon the severity of asthma. With each actuation of the device, the number of doses will reduce on the device counter. 

Kelhale inhaler is an oral inhaler, and it is vital to wash your mouth after using the Kelhale inhaler thoroughly. Also, one should be careful not to drink the water used for rinsing the mouth. Follow the steps mentioned below to use the Klhale inhaler.

  • You can use a Kelhale inhaler in either a sitting or standing position.

  • Remove the cover of the mouthpiece and ensure that it is clean

  • Hold the inhaler in an upright position, such that the thumb is placed under the mouthpiece of the inhaler device. Now, breathe out as much as possible. Donot breathe in.

  • Place the mouthpiece of the inhaler device between the teeth in your mouth. Close the lips, ensuring that the mouthpiece is covered thoroughly.

  • Now start breathing in and simultaneously press the top of the device to release the puff of the medicine. While doing so, keep breathing slowly and steadily.

  • Take the inhaler off your mouth and hold your breath as long as possible. 

  • In case doctors have prescribed you two puffs of the medicine, repeat the process. However, keep a gap of a minute between two puffs.

  • Once done, immediately place the cover firmly onto the mouthpiece to avoid its contamination with dust. Push the cover and click it back to its position to ensure the complete closure of the device.

  • A dose indicator at the back of the inhaler will tell you about the number of doses left in the device. Typically, the new inhaler shows a value of ‘200’. With each actuation, this number will start to reduce. However, the display will show the reduced dose only after every 20 doses. It is good to get a new inhaler device when the dose indicator shows a value of ‘40’.When the dose indicator displays the value of ‘0’, discard the inhaler.

  • Thoroughly rinse your mouth to avoid the occurrence of oral thrush.
  • People allergic to beclometasone dipropionate or any of the ingredients of Kelhale inhaler.
  • People having an allergy to other similar inhalers.
  • People who suffer from an abrupt attack of breathlessness. Kelhale will not be helpful for immediate relief. 

Inform your doctor, if you suffer from any of the below-mentioned conditions-

  • Active or past history of tuberculosis
  • Avoiding alcohol for medical reasons.
  • Worsening asthmatic condition
  • You are not keeping well and have rash, eczema or a runny nose and sneezing while transitioning from oral corticosteroid therapy to inhalation.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • You are on the therapy of Disulfiram or Metronidazole

A sore mouth or thrush, pharyngitis, hoarseness, change in taste are some of the common side effects of a Kelhale inhaler. Few people also report headache, dizziness, tremor, increased incidence of wheezing and shortness of breath. 

  • Kelhale inhaler contains a small amount of alcohol; hence, people advised to avoid alcohol must consult their doctor before its usage.

  • Concomitant therapy of Disulfiram or Metronidazole might affect the efficacy of the Beclomethasone.

Kelhale inhaler is a prescription product. You can buy Kelhale online. It is recommended that you always buy Kelhale online from a trusted online pharmacy like MedsNow. You can buy Kelhale from our online pharmacy, MedsNow, after getting proper medical online consultation with our experienced team of doctors and pharmacists. Alternatively, you can procure an independent prescription as well. The medication will be delivered conveniently to your doorstep. It is good to have online consultation because it will ensure that the Kelhale inhaler is the correct medicine for your medical problem and you consume its appropriate dose as well.

  1. Is Kelhale inhaler a steroid?

    Kelhale inhaler contains Beclamethasone propionate, which falls under the category of Corticosteroid (or steroid). However, it is vital to know that Beclamethasone is not an anabolic steroid thatis often misused.

  2. Do inhalers cause weight gain?

    No, the use of inhalers does not result in weight gain. Kelhale Inhalers contain medicines at very low dose. Steroidal drugs at such a low dose donot result in weight gain.

  3. What happens if you take too much of your inhaler?

    Beclamethasone is a safe drug. Accidentally, inhaling an additional amount of Kelhale inhaler would not result in toxic effects. However, you must consult your doctor or pharmacist if you don't feel well.

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