Zidoval (Metronidazole Gel)

Zidoval is an antibacterial and antibiotic medicine primarily prescribed for the treatment of symptomatic bacterial vaginosis. It contains an active ingredient called metronidazole and is applied directly at the site of infection inside the vagina to kill the bacterial source.
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Zidoval (Metronidazole Gel)

Zidoval is an antibacterial and antibiotic medicine primarily prescribed for the treatment of symptomatic bacterial vaginosis. It contains an active ingredient called metronidazole and is applied directly at the site of infection inside the vagina to kill the bacterial source.

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Zidoval gel is a gel-based antibacterial medication which is used to treat the infection of the vagina called bacterial vaginosis (BV).

The Zidoval gel contains the active ingredient metronidazole, an antibiotic which kills the vaginal bacteria at the site of the infection.

The medicine is applied for 5 days in a row to accomplish effective treatment.

The gel is an effective treatment option for symptomatic bacterial vaginosis. This is a common infection where there is an overgrowth of bacteria inside the vagina. One usually experiences a vaginal discharge with a fishy odour.

Instructions of how to use the gel will be mentioned in the leaflet that comes along with the gel. Make sure that you use the gel as per your doctor’s instructions. The gel must be used consecutively for five daays. Each day, one disposable applicatorful (approximately 5 grams) should be applied.

The gel is best applied at bedtime. Because there are chances of the medicine leaking from the vagina, and this gets minimized during night time. Also, it is useful to apply the gel at the same time every day to maintain a cycle and prevent forgetting the dose.

If you forget to use the dose, use it as soon as you remember. If it is already time for the next dose, then continue as usual. Do not take a double dosage. In case you have skipped a day, take the medicine dosage for the correct number of total days as recommended.

If you take an overdose, you will need emergency medical help. Visit the Accident and Emergency Centre at your nearest local hospital.

Zidoval gel is a prescription-only medication. You can purchase it safely from MedsNow after you have received a prescription from a consultant who is independent of any pharmacist

Being a prescription drug, it may interfere with certain other medicines, including:

  • medicine to prevent blood clotting (e.g. warfarin)

  • lithium

  • cyclosporin

  • 5-fluorouracil

  • carmustine (BCNU) or cyclophosphamide.

If you are using any of the above drugs, please mention it to your doctor during the consultation itself. This is not a complete list, there may be other medicines which are unsuitable to be used with Zidoval too.



There are some other side effects that the drug may cause, including:

  • abnormal vaginal discharge

  • itching, burning or swelling in or around the vagina

  • skin itch or rash

  • a sensation of increased pressure in the pelvic area

  • stomach cramp or pain

  • feeling sick or nauseating

  • dizziness

  • unusual taste

  • diarrhoea

  • darkened urine

  • reduced appetite

  • stomach bloating or flatulence

  • feeling thirsty, dry mouth

  • headache

  • feeling depressed or moodless

  • feeling tired or fatigue


Certain things must be kept in mind while using the gel:

  • You must inform the doctor of any other medication that you are taking before getting a prescription

  • You must inform the doctor treating you for any other ailment that you are taking this medicine. It can affect other medicines too during surgery.

  • You must avoid any sexual intercourse while taking the medicine 

  • Inform your doctor immediately if you conceive during the treatment

  • If you have to take any blood tests, inform your doctor that you are taking the medication as it may interfere with the test results.


This treatment is suitable for women who are suffering from bacterial vaginosis. 

However, it may not be suitable for certain patients:

  • If you have a disease of the blood, liver, kidneys or central nervous system

  • If you have Cockayne syndrome, also called Neill-Dingwall syndrome.

  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding

  • If you have or think you have vaginal thrush

  • If you are having your period or are about to start your period

  • If you have taken disulfiram (Antabuse) in the past 2 weeks


  1. Can I treat BV with Zidoval gel while pregnant? You must discuss the risks and benefits of using Zidoval with your doctor during pregnancy.

  2. Can you drink alcohol on Zidoval? It is recommended that you do not drink alcohol while taking the treatment as it may make you feel sick or dizzy.

  3. Can Zidoval cause thrush? Zidoval may not cause thrush, but it may aggravate the symptoms of thrush.

  4. Does Zidoval gel leak out? Being a vaginal gel there are chances of the medicine leaking out from the vagina. Hence it is best recommended to be used at night.

  5. How do you know Zidoval is working? You will start seeing improvement in the symptoms within a few days.


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