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Yasmin 3/30mcg

Yasmin is a contraceptive medication that successfully works when taken regularly every day at the same time for a cycle of 21 days. It is a combination birth control pill that contains a combination of Ethinyl estradiol, an estrogen, and Drespirenone, a progestin.
Yasmin 3/30mcg contraceptive pills
Yasmin combination birth control pill
Yasmin 3/30mcg contraceptive pills
Yasmin combination birth control pill
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Yasmin 3/30mcg

Yasmin is a contraceptive medication that successfully works when taken regularly every day at the same time for a cycle of 21 days. It is a combination birth control pill that contains a combination of Ethinyl estradiol, an estrogen, and Drespirenone, a progestin.


Yasmin is a combined medication for contraception. It prevents the ovulation of the egg in addition to changing the cervical and uterine lining. That prohibits the sperm from reaching the uterus while preventing the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus, preventing unwanted pregnancy. 

While Yasmin is ideally a combined contraceptive pill, it also helps treat those who have problems, like heavy, painful, or irregular periods. Yasmin assists in lighter, less painful, and more regular menstrual bleeding.

If you are taking Yasmin to prevent unplanned pregnancy, it offers three primary benefits:

  • It prohibits the release of an egg during the menstrual cycle.

  • It triggers the vaginal fluid to become thicker so that the sperm cannot reach the uterus.

  • It alters the uterus lining to forbid a fertilized egg from getting attached. 

There are different methods of contraception but Yasmin is quiet effective. Clinical trials have proven that when taken correctly, Yasmin prevents pregnancy in 99% of cases. In case of vomiting or diarrhea, continue to take the pill as usual while using a condom for additional protection. It is less effective if: 

  • you forget to take it correctly 

  • you neglect to restart the pill pack at the right time

  • you vomit or have diarrhea

  • other medications change the way it works

Both the active ingredients in Yasmin, ethinylestradiol 30 micrograms and drospirenone 3 mg, are synthetic versions of the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. They help your body override the natural menstrual cycle to prevent unplanned pregnancy. 

The fact that taking Yasmin tablets within 1-5 days of your menstrual cycle can immediately offer protection from unwanted pregnancy proves its effectiveness and efficiency. In case you take it after 1-5 days, it might take seven days for the pill to get into effect. Make sure to use a condom during that time.

It is convenient and safe to stop taking Yasmin at any time. If you are planning for a pregnancy, you should begin taking a vitamin supplement with folic acid. Remember to keep a doctor informed before quitting the pills and taking folic acid tablets before you stop taking Yasmin. Since folic acid is healthy during pregnancy, you can cease Yasmin once you are sure and start taking other relevant pills. You can also opt for other suitable supplements by contacting your healthcare provider. 

You can order online via MedsNow for discreet delivery of genuine medications at home. The only aspect you will have to fulfill is to take an online consultation to determine that Yasmin is the correct medication for your needs. The online consultation will act as a confirmed prescription for the medicine while helping you avoid any harmful side-effects if it is unsuitable for you.

Generally, women prefer one pill every day for three weeks and then have a week off before beginning the next pack. A withdrawal bleed similar to your period is a common phenomenon during your pill-free week since the hormone levels in your blood drop suddenly. Ensure that you start the next strip on the same day of the week.

You can also take Yasmin in the following order:

Extended use -  1 pill a day for nine weeks, then take a break for 4 to 7 days.

Continuous use - 1 pill a daily with no break

Yasmin works well for women who want to prevent pregnancy and are anywhere between puberty and menopause. Although it is a safe contraceptive and suits most women, some women with complicated medical histories might not be suitable candidates for this medication. 

You should not take Yasmin if you are:

  • Allergic to either of the active ingredients or any other ingredients listed on the patient information leaflet

  • Pregnant

  • Having a history of blood clots

  • Suffering or have suffered from angina, heart attack, or stroke

  • A patient with breast cancer or any of the genital cancers 

  • Suffering from severe migraines

  • A severe chronic liver disease patient 

  • Suffering from unexplained vaginal bleeding

  • Severely diabetic 

  • Suffering from kidney or liver problems

  • A Crohn's disease or inflammatory bowel disease patient 

  • Experiencing depression

  • A sickle cell anemia patient

  • Suffering from lupus, varicose veins, or epilepsy 

Since it consists of synthetic hormones, Yasmin may cause some side effects. Not every person who takes these pills needs to experience them, but it is crucial to know some of the signs. The common side effects include:

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Changes in the menstrual cycle 

  • Depression and mood swings

  • Headache

  • Breast pain or tenderness

  • Slight spotting between periods during the initial months

  • Altering of periods or between light or no flow

  • Changes in mood 

Other possible side effects include:

  • Fluid retention

  • Variations in sex drive

  • Rising blood pressure

  • Skin reactions or possible allergies

  • Increased risk of getting a blood clot in a vein or artery, causing a stroke or a heart attack if not treated on time.

Blood clots are more likely if you:

  • Are aged

  • Smoke

  • Are overweight

  • Have high blood pressure

  • Are genetically prone to a heart attack or stroke at a young age

  • Have severely unhealthy levels of fat in your blood

  • Suffer from migraines

  • Have a persisting heart problem

  • Are diabetic

In addition to that, Yasmin has also been linked to breast cancer since the estrogen in it can make breast cells grow faster, leading to an increased risk of breast cancer. Check for breast lumps regularly and keep in touch with your doctor.

Remember to take the pills at the correct time to ensure their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. In case you notice any signs of side effects, seek medical help immediately. To avoid severe complications, ensure that your medical history is suitable to handle the medication.

Many drugs possibly interact with birth control pills leaving them less effective and resulting in pregnancy. While the general list includes prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products, you should inform your doctor if you are taking any of the following medications:

  • blood pressure medication

  • anti-epileptics

  • anti-virals for HIV or hepatitis C

  • antifungals 

  • antibiotics for tuberculosis (TB)

  • immunosuppressants to treat arthritis

  • herbal treatments like St John wort

For a detailed list, please refer to the patient information leaflet. 

Do not panic if you forget to take your pill at your usual time. You can take it as soon as you remember. Remember that a missed pill is one that is later than 24 hours. 

  • If you forget one Yasmin pill or start your new pack one day late:

    Take the missed pill even if you will have to take two at one time, and you can continue taking the rest of the pack as per your regular schedule. That will ensure that you are still protected against pregnancy while not using extra contraception.

  • If you miss two or more Yasmin pills or start your new pack more than two days late:

    Keep in mind that you would not have enough protection against unsafe sex. Here too, you will have to take two pills simultaneously to cover the missed doses, although you can leave the others. You can begin again after this as per your usual schedule. In such instances, however, you will have to refrain from sex or rely on an additional barrier method of contraception, like condoms, for the next seven days.

If you miss taking the pills in the last week of your pack, you will have to finish it as usual but start a new one straight away without a break, skipping your pill-free week. You might have to take the morning-after pill if you had unprotected sex in the seven days before you missed pills.

Do not take more than two Yasmin pills in a day in any circumstance. Even if you have missed multiple doses, you will only consume two at a time and continue according to your schedule. In case you overdose, immediately contact your nearest emergency medical center. 

Can I take Yasmin if I'm breastfeeding?
If you are breastfeeding, you can continue with the pills six weeks after childbirth.

Can Yasmin make you gain weight?
There are no studies to prove that Yasmin affects the weight of an individual. Although fluid retention is a side-effect of the pill, it is not directly responsible for weight gain in women taking combined contraceptives.

Does Yasmin make you crazy?
Clinical trials have shown that women might experience severe anxiety, emotional distress, mood swings, or depression while taking Yasmin.

Is Yasmin suitable for weight loss?
Not necessarily. The weight you might lose while taking Yasmin would be the water weight amounting to 1-2 pounds.

Does Yasmin make you depressed?
Yes, Yasmin has gotten linked to causing depression in women taking the pills for longer durations.

Can Yasmin cause hair loss?
While the tablets are not directly responsible for hair loss, they could trigger the process by causing your hair to reach the resting phase wherein they start to fall out.

What does Yasmin do to your body?
Since it is a combined contraceptive, it primarily alters the regular menstrual cycle in a woman and helps avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Does Yasmin pill make your breasts bigger?
Yes, breast tenderness and size alterations are side-effects of Yasmin.

Can Yasmin improve mood?
Depending on your body's response, the pills can either lift your mood or swing it into depression and anxiety.

Is Yasmin safe?
Yes, it is a safe and effective medication for birth control if taken correctly and with proper precautions,

Why does Yasmin make me feel sick?
Vomiting is a common side-effect of the medication since it alters the natural hormonal balance of the body. That leads to sudden changes.

What happens if I stop taking the Yasmin pill?
Pregnancy is the foremost risk of stopping the pills. Apart from that, your body might go into withdrawal, and your menstrual flow will require some time to get back on track.

Can I take Yasmin pills after my period?
Yes, you can start taking the pills as soon as you receive them but remember to note the days.

For how long can you take the Yasmin pill?
You can take these pills for long-term pregnancy prevention if you continue to do the bare minimum and avoid all the side-effects and complications.

Can Yasmin cause blood clots?
Yes, blood clots are one of the severe side-effects of Yasmin. You can evade the possibility by contacting a healthcare professional before beginning the pills.


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