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Betamethasone Cream

Betamethasone is a potent and affordable topical corticosteroid. This external medication is the generic variant of the branded Betnovate cream. Doctors prescribe it to reduce swelling and inflammation that appear inevitably with eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis in addition to lotions.
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Betamethasone Cream

Betamethasone is a potent and affordable topical corticosteroid. This external medication is the generic variant of the branded Betnovate cream. Doctors prescribe it to reduce swelling and inflammation that appear inevitably with eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis in addition to lotions.


Betamethasone cream is an effective medication recommended to treat both bacterial and fungal infections. It contains the active ingredient betamethasone valerate, which is an anti-inflammatory steroid, as well as clioquinol. Betamethasone falls under the category of medications known as topical corticosteroid or topical steroids. You should use topical steroids in addition to your usual moisturizer to treat and manage your skin condition completely.

The medication is used for treating inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, allergies, and rashes especially when patches of these skin conditions flare-up. Betamethasone Cream reduces the swelling, itching, and redness due to these skin conditions. The treatment is not essentially a cure for your skin condition, it will help you to manage the symptoms, drastically improving your quality of life.

You can also use the cream for other skin inflammations, bodily reactions to insect stings and bites, and also rashes caused by other problems.

Skin inflammation arises due to a variety of reasons including allergic reactions or skin irritation. The immune system releases a variety of chemicals causing the widening of blood vessels upon detecting an inflammation. That results in itch, redness, and swelling. Betamethasone, a topical skin treatment, starts working directly within the cells, ensuring a reduction of the inflammatory chemicals and the swelling and redness of the skin. It is a suitable medication for moist and weeping areas of the skin.

One of the primary benefits of relying on Betamethasone cream is that it effectively reduces skin inflammation that can be caused by a variety of factors from irritants, allergies, to bodily reactions and rashes. It essentially works at lessening the production of the inflammatory chemicals that cause redness and swelling.

You may use the medication once or twice daily for up to four weeks as required to subside the symptoms of the skin. After the fourth week, you may alter the frequency of the application to a reduced, less potent preparation.

Apply a thin layer of the Betamethasone cream on the affected area and rub gently using enough amounts to cover the entire area of the affected skin. Follow the steps below for the application process:

  • Wash and dry your hands properly before squeezing a small amount of the cream.
  • Spread it in a thin layer over the affected area of irritated skin.
  • Smoothen the cream onto your skin in the direction of hair growth.
  • Make sure you apply the medication on all the areas of the irritated skin and not just the worst parts.
  • Avoiding getting the cream in contact with any broken skin or cuts.
  • Wash your hands afterwards.

Do not use betamethasone skin cream with other creams or ointments including a moisturizer or emollient. Maintain a gap of at least 30 minutes between using the medication and any other skin product.

Since it is a medicated formula, Betamethasone Cream can cause a variety of side effects if used improperly and without basic knowledge of its effects. Some of the most common side effects associated with this treatment include:

  • allergic reactions like skin rash, itching or hives, swelling of the face, lips, or tongue
  • burning or itching of the skin
  • dark red spots on the skin
  • infection
  • painful pus-filled blisters in hair follicles
  • thinning of the skin, with easy bruising
  • burning, itching, irritation, stinging, redness, or dryness of the skin
  • acne
  • unwanted hair growth
  • changes in skin color
  • bruising or shiny skin
  • tiny red bumps or rash around the mouth
  • small white or red bumps on the skin
  • increased redness or scaling of the skin

If these side effects persist for long, get in touch with your doctor immediately. It might become necessary for you to look for an alternative treatment course.

Following are some of the key facts to remember before beginning to use this medication:

  • Inform your doctor if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in betamethasone topical cream. Check the patient information leaflet for a complete list of the ingredients.
  • Your pharmacist should know about prescription and nonprescription medications, vitamins, nutritional supplements, other corticosteroid medications, and topical medications. you plan to take or are currently taking.
  • Inform your healthcare provider about any infection, or if you are suffering from diabetes, liver disease, or Cushing's syndrome.
  • Keep them informed about your pregnancy, or if you plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding.
  • Let them know about any surgery that you might be undergoing, including dental surgery.
  • Only use a steroid skin treatment under the professional guidance of your doctor and with their prescription. Avoid using someone else's medicine.
  • It's crucial to keep following all the instructions when using a steroid skin treatment to avoid side effects.
  • Only use betamethasone on your face if your doctor says it is safe for you.
  • Betamethasone will not help with skin conditions such as impetigo, rosacea, and acne.

Although interactions with other drugs when using Betamethasone cream are highly unlikely, your health care provider should have a list of all the medicines, herbs, non-prescription drugs, or dietary supplements you are using or plan to use. Inform them regarding your consumption of cigarettes or alcohol since some of these items may interact with your medicine.

Maintain a gap of about 30 minutes between using betamethasone and using the other skin treatment. Tell a pharmacist or doctor if you're taking medicines used for the treatment of:

  • HIV, such as ritonavir or cobicistat
  • fungal infections, such as itraconazole
  • eczema, asthma, and all other medications containing steroids such as tablets, injections, nasal spray, and eye or nose drops

Make sure you store it in a place that is out of the reach of children and pets. Store at room temperature between 2 and 30 degrees C (36 and 86 degrees F). Do not freeze. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date.

You may order Betamethasone Cream online from trusted suppliers like MedsNow to ensure that you receive only the best and safest products. You will have to undertake an online consultation to ensure that Betamethasone is the ideal remedy for your medical needs. The consultation works as a prescription for your order, and you won't have to visit a doctor for one. Upon confirmation from the pharmacists, your order will be dispatched and delivered discreetly to your doorstep.

Can one use Betamethasone Cream while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Since there is no clear data available that indicates the safety of using Betamethasone cream during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is essential to use it topically under the guidance of a healthcare professional. They will only prescribe it to you if the benefits outweigh the possible risks.

How long can I use betamethasone skin treatments?

You should reduce the usage of this medication once you start to notice that your symptoms are reducing.

Can I use betamethasone skin treatments on my face?

Do not use it on your face without a doctor's guidance. In case your doctor agrees for you to use it on your face, make sure you follow the instructions precisely.

How does betamethasone compare with other steroids?

The medication is stronger than other steroids and hence is usually prescribed when the other treatments have failed to work.

Is it safe to use betamethasone for a long time?

Using steroid-based medications even topically for a long can cause several side effects. Use it for a short period of time until your symptoms subside.

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