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Cetirizine is a over-the-counter medication to relieve the symptoms of hay fever. It is a chewable tablet containing an antihistamine that reduces the natural chemical histamine in the body which is responsible for symptoms of sneezing, itching, and runny nose.
Cetirizine Allergy Tablets
Picture of Cetirizine
Cetirizine Allergy Tablets
Picture of Cetirizine
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Cetirizine is a over-the-counter medication to relieve the symptoms of hay fever. It is a chewable tablet containing an antihistamine that reduces the natural chemical histamine in the body which is responsible for symptoms of sneezing, itching, and runny nose.


Cetirizine is the anti-allergic medicine used for treating allergic symptoms in hay fever, skin rashes and other allergic conditions in people above six years of age. Cetirizine contains the medicine cetirizine hydrochloride, an anti-histaminic drug that relieves allergy symptoms like runny nose, itchiness, swelling, watery eyes and sneezing.

Cetirizine is used to treat the allergic symptoms in hay fever, urticaria, seasonal allergies, allergic rhinitis, red and itchy eyes in conjunctivitis, food allergies, eczema, reaction to bites of insects & stings.

Human reacts when exposed to the certain substance which are substances which are known as Allergens. The common allergens are pollen, moulds, perfumes, pet hairs etc. Exposure to the allergen results in histamine production in the body. Histamine produces various allergic reactions in the body like runny nose, rashes, sneezing, itchiness and watery eyes. Cetirizine is an anti-histaminic drug which means that it inhibits the production of histamine in the body. This results in the waning of allergic symptoms thus, providing relief to the patient.

Cetirizine is an antihistaminic medicine that relieves allergy symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes, itchiness, sneezing and skin rashes, seen in hay fever and other allergic conditions.

Cetirizine is classified as non-sedating anti-histaminic drug; however, it may result in sedation in some people. Hence, one should avoid driving or running any machine while taking Cetirizine. Also, being an anti-histaminic drug, one may feel dryness in the mouth and throat. Children having an age of less than six should be given Cetirizine only with medical consultation.  Cetirizine should not be taken if you are allergic to it or its constituents. Patients with liver disease, Kidney disease and epilepsy should also consume it under medical supervision.

Cetirizine is available in tablets, capsules and liquid form. Tablets and capsules should be consumed intact (as a whole) with a glass of water. Liquids are generally advised for children.  Cetirizine is to be taken once a day, with or without food. Cetirizine is to be taken on the appearance of allergic symptoms and should be stopped once the symptoms subside.

The recommended dose for patients in the age group of 6 years to 65 is 10 mg per day. However, in case of mild symptoms, 5mg of Cetirizine is also effective. Cetirizine can be consumed once or twice a day, depending upon the intensity of symptoms.  Children below six years of age should be given Cetirizine as per the recommendation of the doctor.

  • Cetirizine should be administered to children below six years of age only under medical supervision.
  • Patients allergic to Cetirizine or other medicines should not consume Cetirizine.
  • Patients with severe kidney disease (creatinine clearance < 10 ml/min) should not consume Cetirizine.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies should not consume Cetirizine. Cetirizine passes into breast milk, and hence it should not be consumed by breastfeeding mothers.
  • Patients with liver diseases and kidney diseases should consult a doctor before cetirizine usage.
  • The epileptic patient should use Cetirizine under medical guidance only.
  • Patients who experience difficulty urinating due to any medical condition should also consult the doctor before using Cetirizine.
  • People with intolerance to lactose should also consume Cetirizine under medical supervision.

Cetirizine is a well-tolerated medicine. However, one may experience sleepiness, dizziness, headachediarrhoea (more common in children), nausea, dry mouth, fatigue, pharyngitis, cold-like symptoms of the nose (in children only).

Cetirizine might interact with few medicines.

  • Concurrently consuming Cetirizine and alcohol increases the chances of side effects like sleepiness and drowsiness.
  • Isocarboxazid and tranylcypromine have a severe drug interaction with Cetirizine.
  • Consuming tranquillizer, sedative, or sleep aid with Cetirizine may result in depression of the central nervous system that may affect the functioning o the nervous system.
  • Theophylline prolongs eliminating the Cetirizine from the body; hence inform your doctor if you are consuming theophylline.

Cetirizine should be stored at room temperature, away from direct heat, humidity and light. Keep the medicine out of the reach of children. Cetirizine should not be used beyond its expiry date mentioned on the packaging of the Cetirizine.

You can buy Cetirizine online. It is recommended that you always buy Cetirizine online from a trusted online pharmacy like MedsNow. You can consult online with our experienced team of Doctors and pharmacist while buying Cetirizine from our online pharmacy, MedsNow. This will ensure that you get an appropriate dose of the medicine. The medication will be delivered conveniently to your doorstep. For patients below six years of age, Cetirizine should be bought only under medical supervision.

How long should I take Cetirizine?
Cetirizine should be taken when the allergic symptoms appear and should be discontinued once the symptoms subside. The duration of the usage of Cetirizine will depend upon the medical condition. For insect bites, a single dose or short course of Cetirizine would be enough. However, for hay fever or other allergic condition, a longer duration of the Cetirizine might be needed.

Is it safe to take Cetirizine for a long time?
Cetirizine is a safe and well-tolerated drug and can be consumed for a longer duration. However, it is best to discontinue it once the symptoms subside.

Can I drink alcohol with Cetirizine?
Simultaneously consuming alcohol and Cetirizine is not recommended; it increases the chances of sleepiness and drowsiness.

What is the difference between Cetirizine and other antihistamines?
Cetirizine is a second-generation anti-histaminic drug that is considered to be non-sedating anti-histaminic. Thus, most people prefer to consume non-drowsy anti-allergic medicine as compared to sedating.

Can I take Cetirizine with other hay fever treatments?
Cetirizine can be consumed with other medicines used for the treatment of hay fever-like Beclometasone and Fluticasone.

Should Cetirizine be taken at bedtime or upon awakening? And before or after any particular meal?
Cetirizine can be consumed at any time of the day. However, some people feel drowsiness after consuming Cetirizine; hence, consuming Cetirizine at bedtime would be preferable for such a population. Cetrizine is not affected by the food; hence it can be consumed with or without food.

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