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Vaniqa Cream

Facial hair is often a cause of distress for women. Vaniqa Cream helps reduce facial hair growth from the hair follicles (hair roots) in women. It provides a long lasting solution to the problem of unwanted facial hair for women.
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Vaniqa Cream

Facial hair is often a cause of distress for women. Vaniqa Cream helps reduce facial hair growth from the hair follicles (hair roots) in women. It provides a long lasting solution to the problem of unwanted facial hair for women.


Vaniqa is a facial hair removal cream that is used to treat hirsutism in women. It is the only UK-based, non-hormone cream that helps reduce facial hair. Women who have facial hair on their upper lip, chin and neck can use this product. Research shows that 70% of women experience improvement after usage of this cream within just 24 weeks of usage. Vaniqa is a prescription-based product.

Women over the age of 18 years can use Vaniqa cream to treat unwanted facial hair. The cream contains Eflornithine. It does not remove existing hair, but rather, it prevents growth and regrowth of new facial hair. It deactivates an enzyme called ornithine involved in hair growth. By blocking the enzyme, Vaniqa cream works at the hair roots or hair follicles to reduce the growth and regrowth of new hair. 

Vaniqa is a genuine, non-hormone medication with effective results. It is an easy-to-apply topical cream and far easier than treatments like electrolysis. There are lesser-known side effects and the risk is very low. 

Women who are in the pre and post-menopausal stage tend to witness hormonal imbalance, as a result of which they may experience facial hair growth. This easy-to-apply cream is especially useful during this phase to reduce the formation of facial hair.


Vaniqa is a topical cream, so it can be directly applied to the affected area. The cream must be applied twice a day. And there must be a minimum gap of 8 hours between consecutive applications. The cream can be applied on your chin, upper lips or neck, wherever you experience facial hair growth. 

In case you experience skin irritation or a burning sensation, you must reduce the frequency of applications to once a day. If the irritating or tingling sensation persists, you must consult your doctor before continuing the application.

If you use any other forms of skin applications like sunscreen, makeup, moisturizer, etc., you must wait for at least 5 minutes after applying the Vaniqa cream. Make sure that the cream does not come in contact with the inner surface of your nose lining or get ingested by mistake. 

Also, remember that this cream is meant only for facial hair. It should not be used on the arms or legs.


Vaniqa cream is available in the standard 60g tube with 11.5% eflornithine. For single applications, you can take a pea-sized amount of the cream that forms a thin invisible layer over the affected area.

Women have experienced results with the Vaniqa cream with just 8 to 24 weeks of application.

Like any other prescription medication, there are small chances of side effects, the most common one being acne. However, sometimes you may also experience some other side effects like dry skin, irritation, ingrowth of hair, skin pigmentation, hair loss, etc. if you experience any of these conditions, you must stop using the cream and consult your doctor immediately.

Most women who suffer from the condition of unwanted facial hair growth or hirsutism can use Vaniqa cream after prescription. However, there are some interactions:

  • Women below the age of 18 should not use Vaniqa cream

  • Women with debilitated kidney or liver functions must avoid Vaniqa cream

  • Pregnant or nursing women must not use Vaniqa cream


Other hair removal options include electrolysis, a medical procedure which is more expensive and riskier as compared to the Vaniqa cream. You can also practice shaving and waxing. However, Vaniqa is a more effective product because it works at the level of the hair roots or follicles. Hence, it is a long term and more effective solution.

Vaniqa cream can be purchased online via MedsNow after a brief consultation with our medical practitioners. Our health experts will understand your medical history and determine whether this cream is safe for you or not. Post getting a prescription of the drug, you can order it online from our website and have it delivered at your doorstep.

  1. Do any drugs/medicines interfere with Vaniqa? No studies have been undertaken to determine this. However, the chances are very less since Vaniqa is a topical cream.

  2. How long does Vaniqa prevent unwanted facial hair from growing? The effects of the Vaniqa cream last for about 8 weeks after effective application. The effects will wear off post that. Hence, it is recommended that you use this cream continually.

  3. Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use Vaniqa? No, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use the Vaniqa cream.

  4. What will happen if I stop using Vaniqa cream? There is no major side effect after you stop using the cream. Post 8 weeks of stopping the treatment, you will experience regrowth of hair. Hence, it is recommended that you do not stop using the cream.

  5. Can I drink alcohol whilst using Vaniqa cream? There is no known connection between the usage of Vaniqa cream and alcohol consumption.

  6. Where can I buy Vaniqa cream in the UK? You can purchase the Vaniqa cream online from MedsNow and have it delivered at your doorstep.


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