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Premarin 0.3|0.65|1.25mg Tablet

During menopause, when the estrogen levels start to drop, it gives rise to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Premarin tablets, a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), contain conjugated estrogen, which is essential to avoid vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and osteoporosis.
Premarin 1.25mg Coated Tablet
Premarin - Tablet for HRT
Premarin 1.25mg Coated Tablet
Premarin - Tablet for HRT
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Premarin 0.3|0.65|1.25mg Tablet

During menopause, when the estrogen levels start to drop, it gives rise to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Premarin tablets, a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), contain conjugated estrogen, which is essential to avoid vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and osteoporosis.


Women who suffer from menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, among others, are usually recommended to take Premarin. It is a conjugated oestrogen treatment which helps overcome these discomforts. It is a common phenomenon in menopausal women to face fractures due to weaker bones. Premarin is an HRT that also successfully prevents this condition known as osteoporosis, i.e. acute loss of bone density.

Women around the age of 40-45 start to undergo menopause inevitably. The discomforts that arrive with it occur mainly due to a lack of oestrogen production in their ovaries. Initially, it stops the menstrual cycle, and the eventual disbalance of hormones starts to affect the daily lives. If your last period cycle was 12 months ago, and you are now encountering the various symptoms of menopause, Premarin could be your solution. It is used to alleviate uncomfortable bodily changes.

The medicine falls under HRT and contains conjugated oestrogen as an active ingredient. Upon consumption, it starts to supplement this lack of oestrogen in the body, reducing the severity of the symptoms. Premarin usually provides relief from menopausal problems within a few weeks of daily use.

For women who have undergone a hysterectomy (uterus removal operation), the oestrogen provided by Premarin is the only hormone required. Others will have to consume a progestogen medicine alongside Premarin. The reason being if only the oestrogen levels rise, it could lead to excessive growth in the lining of the uterus, leading to increased risk of complications such as endometrial cancer.

While every woman has to face menopause after a certain age, you can choose to not let the bodily changes disrupt your daily lives. HRT drugs like Premarin essentially help relieve a wide range of menopausal discomforts like hot flashes (of the face, neck and chest), irregular menstrual cycle, night sweats, weight gain, thinning of hair and mood changes. One of the primary benefits of taking this medication is that it focuses on restoring the oestrogen balance in your body, giving you a chance to live your life normally.

While there are a few different dosages of Premarin available, including 0.3 mg, 0.625 mg & 1.25 mg, your doctor will recommend the lowest possible dose of conjugated oestrogen, for starters, to determine its effect on your body.

With the lowest starting dose, you can either choose to take one tablet daily or in a cycle. For instance, you can be on the medication for 25 days each month and 5 days off it. Since it is a conjugated oestrogen containing drug, you can safely consume it with or without food, make sure that you swallow the whole tablet without dividing, crushing, or chewing it.

Like every medication, Premarin also has specific information, which you need to know and understand before beginning it. In addition to reading it here, you can also find these guidelines in the patient information leaflet, so make sure you read them thoroughly.

  • While you may experience spotting during the first few months of taking Premarin, you will not necessarily face a monthly withdrawal bleed unless you are also taking progestogen tablets during the last few days of each month.

  • If you miss a dose, you might experience spotting, but it will subside soon. In case it continues after a few months of taking the medicine, or after stopping treatment, make sure to consult your doctor.

  • You should undergo regular medical and gynaecological check-ups if you take any HRT to review its effects once a year with your doctor.

  • You should be aware that women using HRT suffer an increased risk of breast cancer, stroke and blood clots in the veins. You need to weigh this risk against the personal benefits of you taking HRT by thoroughly discussing it with your doctor. Consider investing in regular breast examinations and mammograms. You will also have to examine your breasts regularly and immediately report any changes in your breasts to a medical professional.

  • If you have to undergo a surgery, particularly abdominal surgery or orthopaedic surgery, your doctor may recommend you cease taking HRT usually four to six weeks prior.

  • Lastly, remember that HRT does not provide contraception for women who are considered fertile for two years after their last menstrual period if under 50, or for one year if over 50. If you are taking HRT and also require contraception, you will have to opt for a non-hormonal method such as a condom or contraceptive foam.

While most women can rely on Premarin to relieve the symptoms of menopause, some groups should exercise extra care. That is because these women could already be suffering from certain conditions that might worsen due to this medication. Women who should use Premarin with caution include the ones with:

  • Risk or history of developing oestrogen stimulated cancers like breast cancer, or benign breast lumps, fibroids in the womb, endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia, blood clots in the veins, gallbladder disease, or blood disorders called porphyrias

  • a medicated dose of anticoagulants like warfarin to prevent blood clots

  • Obesity

  • Severe varicose veins

  • Smoking habits

  • High blood pressure

  • Diabetes

  • High cholesterol or triglycerides levels in their blood

  • a long-term condition called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

  • Migraines or severe headaches

  • a tendency to develop irregular brown patches on the skin should minimize their exposure to the sun or UV light while taking HRT

Steer clear of this HRT if you are allergic to one or any of Premarin's ingredients. Remember to inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have experienced an allergy to determine an alternative HRT treatment for you. Listed below are groups of women who are unsuitable candidates for Premarin. These include women with:

  • A recent encounter with or a family history of breast cancer, oestrogen stimulated cancer, endometrial hyperplasia

  • Vaginal bleeding whose cause is unknown

  • Blood disorders leading to blood clots in the veins

  • A blood clot in a vein of the leg or pulmonary embolism in the lungs

  • Inflammation in a vein that has been caused by a blood clot?

  • A recent encounter with a stroke or heart attack

  • Angina pectoris

  • Active liver diseases such as hepatitis, liver cancer

  • Pregnancy or the ones who are breastfeeding

  • Rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, etc

You need to note the side effects of Premarin before beginning with it to treat them in time. In that case, stop taking this medicine and get in touch with your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • pelvic pain

  • vaginal inflammation, discharge or thrush

  • breast pain or tenderness

  • feeling sick, bloated, or experiencing abdominal pain

  • mood swings including anxiety, depression and irritability

  • sex drive alterations defining higher or lower libido

  • Sudden hair loss or abnormal growth

  • changes in weight

  • stabbing pains, numbness, or swelling in one leg

  • pain on breathing or coughing

  • coughing up blood

  • breathlessness

  • chest pains

  • worsening of epilepsy

  • migraine or severe headaches

  • visual disturbances

  • severe abdominal pain

  • increased blood pressure 

Premarin, like every other medication, contains certain ingredients which might tend to interact with the content of other medicines. That could sometimes like to complications. Some of the medicines that do should not get combined with Premarin include:

  • epilepsy medications

  • tuberculosis medications

  • HIV infection medications

  • antibiotics or antifungal treatments

  • Metyrapone

  • Cimetidine treats stomach ulcers by reducing the acid

  • Corticosteroids like Dexamethasone

  • Herbal remedies such as St John’s Wort

The most convenient yet safest way to buy Premarin is to order it online via MedsNow and wait for a discreet delivery right at your doorstep. MedsNow asks you to undertake an online consultation since Premarin is a prescription-only medication to ensure that it is suitable for your needs. Upon confirmation from our healthcare providers, your order will get dispatched.

Store Premarin in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and light. Make sure it remains hidden from the sight and reach of children.

How much Premarin should I take?
If you begin using the medication, you will have to continue with it for a cyclic regimen of 21 days on therapy and 7 days off it.

How long does it take for Premarin tablets to work?
Upon consistent usage, you will notice a significant difference in your condition in as little as 4 weeks. But the time taken might vary from women to women.

How do you take Premarin?
You will have to swallow the entire tablet. Do not break, crush or chew it. Make sure you fix a time to take your Premarin tablets for them to function effectively. You can take it with or without food.

Should I take Premarin morning or night?
It does not matter if you take it in the morning or at night as long as you fix a time for the entire dosage and remain consistent with it.

Will Premarin affect my husband?
There not a lot of proofs depicting the actual effects of HRTs on men. Advisably you should not use the medication right before sex since it might have a feminizing effect over time.

Does Premarin cause weight gain?
Since bloating and appetite fluctuations are some of the side effects of Premarin, you might experience weight changes too.

Can Premarin make you sleepy?
Yes, tiredness and feeling sleepy are side effects of Premarin.

What happens when you stop taking Premarin?
Brittle bones are one of the most significant effects on the body upon discontinuing conjugated estrogen via Premarin.

Is Premarin safe?
Yes, Premarin is safe if you consume safer low doses under the guidance of a medical professional. In case you notice any side effects make sure you resolve it immediately.

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