Are you Balding at the Crown?

November 09,2021

The scale of psychological effects of a receding hairline is wide enough to overpower the lack of physical discomfort. If we look at the statistics, androgenetic alopecia is the cause of roughly 95% of hair loss in men. Stressing because of the early signs of a balding crown is not uncommon, but why suffer alone in silence? It is time you step out of this vicious cycle before it is too late.

What Causes a Balding Crown?

Male pattern baldness occurs due to the presence of a sex hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. It is a potent androgen converted from testosterone, and this condition is medically known as androgenetic alopecia. While androgens contribute to adult male characteristics, such as muscle mass and a deeper voice, DHT can cause side effects like the sensitivity of hair follicles leading to a receding hairline. There are various signs which indicate that this is not natural.

What are the Signs that You are Balding?

Most of us avoid facing the early signs of a balding crown because of the stress it causes. However, there is a bright side to detecting the early signs of a balding crown, i.e., treating it effectively. Keep an eye out for:

  1. Receding hairline
    One of the classic indications of balding at the crown is loss of hair above the temples, gradually receding across the top of the head. It develops a prominent widow’s peak and a hairline resembling the letter M or V.

  2. More hair fall
    Losing about 50-100 strands a day is part of the natural hair cycle. However, shedding hair at a higher rate is a red flag. If you notice a large amount of hair loss every day for an extended period, it is time to call for help.

  3. Hair at the Crown is thinning
    Also known as diffuse thinning, affects the entire scalp or specific areas like the crown. The easiest way to detect this is by using mirrors and photographs to check the hair at the top of the head.

  4. Overall thinner hair
    Your problem might be developing and advancing at a steady rate along a larger area of your scalp. This condition is also known as invisible balding.

  5. Photographic evidence
    If you are unsure of balding, some old photographs taken over the years might help you notice changes in the hairline.

Once you confirm the condition's existence, it is time to seek help as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Here are a few expert solutions for thin hair treatment and regrowth.

How to Stop Your Hair from Thinning?

Instead of panicking and worsening the condition, rest assured that there are ways to combat the bald spot altogether. Below are some of the best treatments for hair loss that are simple, painless, and reliable too:

  1. Finasteride
    It is an oral medication known as a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor. Since DHT is a significant contributor to balding at the crown, Finasteride restricts the conversion of testosterone into DHT preventing further hair loss and promoting hair regrowth.

  2. Minoxidil
    Minoxidil scalp solution or Minoxidil Scalp foam works effectively when used with Finasteride. You have to rub it onto the scalp twice a day. It supposedly increases blood flow to the hair follicles, helping them regrow.

  3. Change your hairstyle
    To deal with the condition smartly, you must accept and become comfortable in your own body. You will be able to overcome the potential emotional weight of male pattern baldness once you start rocking a hairstyle that suits your new appearance.

  4. Consider hair transplant
    In this surgical procedure, the hair from the sides of the scalp is moved into areas showing primary signs of balding. Transplant, although a bit costly, is a long-lasting solution.

  5. Lifestyle Changes
    You can minimize the effects of hereditary male pattern baldness by making lifestyle changes such as avoiding stress.

  6. Avoid foods causing hair loss
    Studies show that certain foods cause hair loss when consumed in an excess amount. Foods containing high concentrations of Vitamin A, Selenium, etc. causes you to lose hair more often.

    Here is the full list of foods that causes hair loss

Remember, the weaker and smaller your hair follicles become, the lesser hair they will produce naturally. Hence, if you wish these treatments to work well, you must recognise the signs of male pattern baldness early on!

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