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Mefenamic Acid

Mefenamic Acid is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, which helps relieve menstrual pain. It is an oral treatment not sold over-the-counter. It restricts the production of prostaglandin, a hormone that causes inflammation.
Mefenamic Acid 500mg Capsule
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication
Mefenamic Acid 500mg Capsule
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication
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Mefenamic Acid

Mefenamic Acid is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, which helps relieve menstrual pain. It is an oral treatment not sold over-the-counter. It restricts the production of prostaglandin, a hormone that causes inflammation.


Mefenamic Acid is an oral medication available only by prescription. This is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication recommended for pain-relief and discomfort caused by various conditions. Most commonly Mefenamic Acid is prescribed for relieving pain and reducing heavy blood loss during periods. It may also be given to women for pain relief after childbirth.

Every woman goes through menstrual cycles and most women experience menstrual cramps and some pain during menstrual bleeding. However, period pain can be a debilitating condition for some women. Mefenamic Acid is a pain-relief medication prescribed to women who suffer from heavy blood-loss and pain during periods. Taking Mefenamic Acid alleviates period pain and allows women to go through their daily life uninterrupted.

Mefenamic Acid is proven to reduce heavy bleeding by 20 to 50%. When you experience menstrual bleeding, your womb produces the prostaglandin hormone. This hormone causes your uterus to contract, giving you a painful cramping feeling in the stomach, also known as period pain. Mefenamic Acid works by restricting the production of the prostaglandin hormones in your body. This makes your period lighter and less painful.

When you go through menstrual bleeding, your uterus contracts and the lining of the uterus produces the prostaglandin hormone. The prostaglandin hormone is produced in the body in response to injuries and other conditions. This hormone causes pain, swelling, and inflammation in the affected area of your body. In this case, it causes stomach pain during periods.

Mefenamic Acid not only restricts the production of the prostaglandin hormone in your body but also reduces the effect of the prostaglandins that are already formed. Thus, Mefenamic Acid relieves period pain and heavy bleeding in women.

Mefenamic Acid takes up to two to four hours to take effect and relieve period pain. When Mefenamic Acid 500mg is taken, it helps to relieve pain for up to eight hours and you may need to take up to three doses for all-day relief.

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Mefenamic Acid tablets are an oral medication meant to be swallowed whole with some water. As this is a prescription medication, follow the instructions for dosage as advised by your doctor.

Usually, one tablet of Mefenamic Acid 500mg should be taken on the first day of your period and then, if your period becomes lighter or the pain becomes bearable – it is advisable not to take any more doses.

Always take Mefenamic Acid dose after food. Taking this medication on an empty stomach may result in nausea or an upset stomach. Never take more than 1500mg (3 doses) of Mefenamic Acid in twenty-four hours. If you are undergoing treatment for some other medical condition, talk to your doctor if you can take Mefenamic Acid alongside your current medication. Some drugs may interact with Mefenamic Acid to reduce their effectiveness and vice versa.

Mefenamic Acid is a prescription medication and your doctor will help you understand the right dosage for your condition. Mefenamic Acid is an active anti-inflammatory medication and it is available in different doses, such as tablets and capsules.

Usually, it is not advisable for anyone to take more than 1500mg of Mefenamic Acid within 24 hours. This means that you can take three doses of Mefenamic Acid 500mg a day.

For people above 70 years of age, the daily dose of Mefenamic Acid is lower.

Mefenamic Acid is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine that is prescribed to adults and especially women, above the age of puberty and below 70 years of age. This is a pain-relief medication used primarily for alleviating period pain. Mefenamic Acid may not be suitable for everyone. You should not use Mefenamic Acid if -

  • You have an allergic reaction to a pain-relief medication such as ibuprofen, and other NSAIDs. Allergic reactions include asthma attacks, itchy rash, and nasal inflammation, swelling of lips, tongue, and throat. 

  • You have an active peptic ulcer or have had peptic ulcers, or bleeding in the intestines due to some other reason. 

  • You have Crohn’s disease or any other inflammatory bowel disease.  

  • You have severe heart disease or have had heart or kidney failure in the past. Or if you have reduced heart or kidney function. 

  • You are pregnant. 

  • You have had a coronary artery bypass graft surgery. 

  • You are lactose intolerant. 

  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients of Mefenamic Acid 

  • You are above 70 years of age. 

  • You are dehydrated. 

  • You have hypertension (high blood pressure) 

  • You have a peripheral arterial disease. 

  • You have high cholesterol. 

  • You have diabetes 

  • You have epilepsy

Sometimes, people taking Mefenamic Acid experience side-effects as a result of the medication. These side-effects are not common and most people can take the medication with no troubles. Some of the side-effects associated with Mefenamic Acid are –  

  • Indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, and wind 

  • Stomach ulcers, bleeding in the intestines. 

  • Headaches 

  • Dizziness 

  • Drowsiness 

  • Skin reactions such as itching and rashes. 

  • Visual disturbance 

  • Vertigo (sensation of spinning) 

  • Ringing in the ears 

  • A sensation of pins and needles 

  • Fluid retention in body tissues, causing swelling (edema) 

  • High blood pressure 

  • Palpitations 

  • Depression 

  • Hallucinations 

  • Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) 

  • Allergic reactions such as asthma attacks, itchy rash, and nasal inflammation, swelling of lips, tongue, and throat. 

  • Kidney, liver, or blood disorders

Mefenamic Acid is a prescription medication and should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Follow the below-listed precautions when taking Mefenamic Acid: 

  • Do not take more than 1500mg of Mefenamic Acid (3 Mefenamic Acid 500mg tablets each) in one day. 

  • Always take Mefenamic Acid pills after food and never on an empty stomach. 

  • Do not drink alcohol when taking Mefenamic Acid. 

  • Do not take more than the prescribed amount.  

  • Discuss your medical history and on-going treatments if any, with your doctor before they prescribe Mefenamic Acid to you.

Just like any other medicine, Mefenamic Acid may interact with other medicines and affect or get affected by other medications. Some medicines known to interact with Mefenamic Acid are – 

  • Diuretics like hydrochlorothiazide. 

  • Aspirin especially low dosage (75mg and below) 

  • Mifepristone 

  • Corticosteroids 

  • Zidovudine (used in the treatment of AIDS) 

  • Cyclosporine 

  • Medicines used to treat heart conditions 

  • Methotrexate 

  • Tacrolimus (medicine for the immune system) 

  • Antibiotics such as aminoglycoside 

  • Quinolone Antibiotics 

  • Medicines for treating depression such as lithium 

  • Antihypertensive used to treat high blood pressure 

  • Anti-platelet agents 

  • Probenecid used to treat gout 

  • Some medicines prescribed to diabetics

If you miss a dose of Mefenamic Acid, take it as soon as you remember unless it is almost time for your next dose. Skip the missed dose and continue your medication as usual. Do not take two doses of Mefenamic Acid within an hour of each other. Also do not compensate for a missed dose by taking two doses of Mefenamic Acid together.

Mefenamic Acid overdose may lead to pain or tenderness in the stomach, diarrhea, twitching in the muscles, fits or seizures, confusion, dizziness, or hallucination. If you or someone else has taken an overdose of Mefenamic Acid seek medical attention immediately. Do this, even if you are not experiencing any discomfort.

  1. Is Mefenamic Acid and ibuprofen the same? 
    No. Mefenamic Acid and ibuprofen are both pain-relief medications but they have different active ingredients and work in different ways to relieve pain. 
  2. Is Mefenamic Acid an antibiotic? 
    No. Mefenamic Acid is not an antibiotic. This is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine for pain relief. 
  3. Does Mefenamic Acid cause weight gain? 
    There is no evidence to suggest that Mefenamic Acid can cause weight gain. 
  4. Does Mefenamic Acid stop periods? 
    No. Mefenamic Acid cannot stop periods, however, it can make your periods lighter and less painful. 
  5. Does Mefenamic Acid help with headaches? 
    Yes. Mefenamic Acid is a pain-relief medicine and can be used to help with headaches caused by migraines and other reasons.  
  6. Can Mefenamic Acid make you infertile? 
    Infertility is a rare side effect of Mefenamic Acid. In rare cases, it has been observed that it can affect ovulation and make women less likely to conceive. 
  7. Can I buy Mefenamic Acid over the counter? 
    No. Mefenamic Acid tablets are prescription medicine and cannot be bought over the counter. 
  8. How quickly does Mefenamic Acid work? 
    Mefenamic Acid tablets take effect within 2-4 hours after consumption.

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