How to Calm Rosacea Flare-up in Minutes?

November 10,2021

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes redness, inflammation, and even soreness on the facial skin. Various triggers, including weather, food, and alcohol, can cause unexpected flare-ups of the condition. Living with Rosacea can be troublesome, and it always helps to have a few remedies up your sleeve that can offer quick relief from flare-ups whenever they occur.

Dermatology experts at MedsNow have put together a list of ten reliable ways you can use to calm a Rosacea flare-up. These remedies are simple and are easy to implement wherever you are.

How to Calm Rosacea Flare-ups Quickly

  1. Drink More Water
    Dehydration is a common cause of Rosacea flare-ups. If you suffer from Rosacea or any other chronic skin condition, avoid getting dehydrated. As soon as a redness begins to take on your skin, start drinking water. The faster you hydrate, the quicker you can reduce your flare-up.

  2. Eat Ice Chips
    A simple way to reduce redness on the face with a Rosacea flare-up is to eat ice chips. When a Rosacea flare-up occurs, blood vessels on your facial skin open up that makes the blood flow directly to your face and causes flushing. Eating ice chips is a great way to constrict your blood vessels and reduce a Rosacea flare-up.

  3. Regulate Your Breathing & Stretch
    Sometimes a Rosacea flare-up maybe your body’s way of telling you to reduce stress. Try breathing in and out deeply and slowly to regulate your breathing. Deep breathing calms the mind and reduces stress. Another great idea is to stretch. Stretching relieves physical and mental stress to calm a Rosacea flare-up.

  4. Follow Your Doctor’s Recommendation
    This one is a no-brainer. Remember your doctor’s advice on how to calm a Rosacea flushing and follow it. Carry your prescribed medicine at all times and use it as soon as you experience skin flushing. Some commonly recommended treatments include creams with niacinamide or one per cent hydrocortisone cream.

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  5. Avoid Harsh Skincare Products
    Create a regular skincare regime comprising good quality products that are gentle on your skin. Cleanse your skin twice daily with a gentle pH-neutral cleanser. Use fragrance-free skincare products, water-based make-up that is non-comedogenic.

  6. Avoid Harsh Weather
    Harsh weather of any kind is likely to trigger a Rosacea flare-up. Try to get out of the direct sunlight as soon as you can. The UV radiation can make the outbreak worse, so protect your skin against sun damage. Cold weather can also be equally harsh on your skin. Protect your face, neck and nose with a scarf when going out in the cold.

  7. Cold Milk Compress
    One of the simplest ways to reduce redness on the face is to apply a cold milk compress. Soak a soft towel in milk and gently apply it to your skin. The lactic acid in the milk is anti-inflammatory. It eases swelling and redness to calm the Rosacea flare.

  8. Avoid Alcohol or Spicy Food
    Many people who suffer from Rosacea experience a flare-up every time they drink alcohol or eat spicy food. If you find your face flushed or a redness coming on, it could be due to one of these two reasons. Steer clear of alcohol and spicy food to avoid a Rosacea flare-up. Apart from alcohol and spicy foods, there are many other foods that can trigger your rosacea.

  9. Stress Relief
    Mental stress is a huge reason for a Rosacea flare-up. Suppose you have Rosacea and are looking for ways to reduce redness on the face, check-in with your stress levels. Take a deep breath and try to attain a calm state of mind. Practice meditation, deep breathing, or take a short walk to reduce your stress levels.

  10. Dry Air
    Dryness in the air may be the reason for your Rosacea flare-up. Dryness in the air steals moisture from your skin and makes it itchy and irritated. When indoors, use a humidifier and regularly moisturize your skin to avoid redness. Consistently moisturizing your skin can strengthen the skin barrier to prevent a Rosacea flare-up.

Maintaining a chronic skin condition like Rosacea is all about avoiding the triggers and keeping medication handy. Keep a constant check on likely triggers such as stress, diet, dry air, alcohol, and spicy food. It takes some time to know your triggers, but once you know the causes of your flare-ups – you can steer clear of the triggers to stay safe.

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